Tools Description
Advanced Search Advanced search of genes by name, function, location, Interpro domain, GO term or EC number...
Chromosome Viewer Chromosome Viewer provides for each chromosome an overview of the density of genomic features
Gene Expression Gene Expression provides gene expression values predicted from RNASeq (RPKM) for different tissues
Gene Families Gene families are manually annotated and then analyzed phylogenetically in order to elucidate orthologous and paralogous relationships. This tool was provided by GreenPhylDB tools.
Metabolic Pathway Metabolic pathway (Pathway Tools Software) manages predicted genes of Coffee recognized to be involved in specific metabolic pathways
Primer Blaster Primer Blaster was designed to test the specificity of any primer pairs on the coffea genome.
Primer Designer Primer Designer designs PCR primers amplifying a given chromosome location
Query Builder Query Builder (Biomart) enables to customize your query of genomic features
Syntenic Dotplot